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Change of plan processing time

Level 2

So i went onto my account and i upgraded my nbn from nbn12 to nbn50 how long will it take to process and until i am able to be on the nbn50


Hi @mehadi1012002 ,


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NBN Plan upgrade usually takes 1 day to complete but typically it can be less than 2 hours. Let us should you require assistance in regards with your NBN plan upgrade so we can chase this with our accounts specialists team.



Level 2

NBN 12 was installed on 9 april,2020. I have already requested before 9 April to upgrade and install NBN 50. Now NBN 12 was installed on Thursday 9 April 2020, I have been advised that upgrade will take place somewhere on next Thursday 16 April 2020. Even though intially I was advised that upgrade could take only few hours...and here it is 7 day.

please advice and help to change the plan & upgrade to NBN 50 as per the sent email at earliest please.