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Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client issues

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We are experiencing intermittent issues connection to a work VPN using Cisco AnyConnect. Frustratingly this will work occasionally, but on most occasions it fails to connect. Any suggestions on troubleshooting this issue?


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We do not have reference on CISCO VPN. We'd like to confirm if your internet service is working and if the intermittent connection only occurs when using CISCO VPN.


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Thanks for the reply Shane.


The internet service works fine for other clients. The issue only occurs trying to connect to the cisco VPN.


Hi @StevenH,


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Since there's no issues within your TPG service, you need to contact the support of your VPN provider to check the service or if there's configuration that needs to be done to resolve the issue. You may advise them to check the ports that need to be open for the service to work properly.


Please be advised that even though TPG do not block the use of any VPN. The configuration and troubleshooting should be handled by your own VPN provider.


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