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Complaint on NBN connection, customer service and communication from TPG

Level 2
Got an email from TPG stating that the NBN connection is active 2 weeks ago and until now, I am still unable to connect to the internet. Have had to ring TPG every day as I get told everyday that the issue has been escalated and someone will be in touch within the next 24 to 48 hours. And no one ever ring / email / SMS back. 
Everytime I ring, there is at least a 60 minute wait time. Yes I know there is a callback option, but that means nothing! I still need to be around to answer your call back when it's my turn and if I do happen to miss the call (which I did), I start all over again! In this current climate where home internet is so important, trying to work from home using mobile hotspot and trying to contact TPG or wait for a call back at the same time to resolve this connection issue over 2 weeks period is not acceptable and extremely frustrating. 
I have been passed around many teams (tech support, engineering, provisioning, networking, customer relations, etc.) across TPG and each time, I get a slightly different 'story' as to what is happening with my connection issue. Finally thought there was a glimmer of hope yesterday only to find out today when I rang that the information that I have been asked to provide wasn't sufficient! When asked why I wasn't contacted for the missing information, I was told someone was going to contact me. You would think that for an escalated, urgent case (or at least I was told that it was escalated and marked as urgent) TPG would be in touch ASAP to try and rectify the problem but no that's not the case!
Raise my dissatisfaction on one of the calls and I was told that I had to write to TPG to lodge a formal complaint! How ridiculuos is this when your complaints policy page states that a complaint can be lodge on the call or via other means. I was so frustrated with the person on the call and ended up writting a formal complaint email in the end and guess what, heard nothing from no one! 
TPG clearly has no issues charging me upfront but seems to be having massive issues to get my internet connection up and running. I am so frustrated at the moment and extremely dissapointed with my choice of going with TPG. Definitely will not be recommending anyone to go with TPG! No one deserve such painful and torturous experience!  

Hi @AnnoyedCustomer


Surely if your NBN service isn't working, our Service Delivery Team will initiate a thorough investigation to determine as to what is causing the problem. If your case has been raised with our delivery partner, please expect that additional documents will be asked from you and the results of their investigation will be relayed to you whenever available. 


I will be endorsing your case with our Customer Relations Team for further handling and a case officer will be assigned as your sole contact person. Please send me a private message with your TPG customer ID or username along with your callback details.

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Level 2
Oh yes there were investigations but all went round and round and I kept getting told that the internet is working and it is not working! Yes understand that you will need additional documentations and happy to provide. Issue here is not about providing the documentation rather the communication on what to provide and when there is missing / insufficient documentation provided, this is not relayed back to me until I rang up to find out what’s happening. Again results of investigations were not relayed back to me. I find out when I ring up and ask for the progress of when my internet issues will be resolved!