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Connected - No Internet 5G BROADBAND Sagemcom Fast 5866T

Level 2
We received this 5G Home Broadband Sagemcom Fast 5866T 20th of November 2023.

Set up and getting 4 bars green lights. However, there's no internet and we can't connect.

Turn off and unplugged then turn on. 4 bars green and still no internet.

I called customer service support waited for 40 to 55 mins. Per call each day and still no resolution.

I was able to speak with Mercie 20th of Nov 2023 and then Kechan 21th Nov. 2023. Reference number of the call 72369415

I also logged into my account the tracking saying preparing for item dispatch, however I already received the modem at home.

Hi @margarejo1


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see how can we help.


Please send us a private message with your account details.