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Connecting to Netflix

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             I have pre signed with TPG for NBN. Currently with Telstra. I do not have a Smart TV so how will I access services such as Netflix with TPG? I currently have a "Telstra TV" devise with Telstra.

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Hi @tonigary7262 Welcome to the community, your Telstra TV will still work on a TPG NBN service if you still have a valid Telstra ID.


You don't need to be a Telstra broadband customer, you will however need to reactivate the Telstra TV box to the server once your connected to your new TPG NBN service.


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So the Telstra TV box does not become redundant?

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Hi @tonigary7262 you can keep using the Telstra TV but you must have a Telstra ID, do you have a mobile service with them?

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No, Broadband only

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Hi @tonigary7262 it's unclear if your existing Telstra ID will continue to be valid once you stop using Telstra broadband.

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Thanks. I should probably talk to Telstra then. 

Is it too late for me to back out of TPG if I cannot resolve this?

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Hi @tonigary7262 there's a good chance your Telstra ID will be valid for reactivating the Telstra TV, I can confirm that the Telstra TV will work on TPG NBN however I've got no way to test it with a non active Telstra login.

I wouldn't be basing my broadband provider choice solely on a device that can have it's support dropped without notice, Telstra has already stopped supporting the T-Box, there are other alternatives that will work better than a Telstra TV and be more future proof, such as an Apple TV.


Hi @tonigary7262, in the event that your Telstra ID is canceled and your TPG NBN service is activated, you can get a new Telstra ID for free and keep using the Telstra TV.


All you need to do is register a new one here: > Movies. The only time you will need to pay anything is when you watch a movie.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.