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Connection Keeps Dropping Out and Reconnecting - New Install

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Thanks for keeping us posted, @markberk1. We'll forward this to our Engineering Team.

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Hi @Riezl 


Tonights drop outs ... all 6 from 6.15pm to 7.30pm


Failure      Start            Length
3/04/2019 6:15:24 PM 0:01:45
3/04/2019 6:17:16 PM 0:03:01
3/04/2019 6:23:29 PM 0:02:45
3/04/2019 6:33:20 PM 0:03:02
3/04/2019 6:41:00 PM 0:03:02
3/04/2019 7:33:16 PM 0:03:39


Thanks @markberk1. This has been forwarded to our Engineering Team.


The case engineer will be in touch as soon as a new update becomes available.

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Thanks  @Riezl 


For the last few days the issue has continued with around 8/9 drop outs per day. I also note the speed has been dropped to around 30Mbps. Can I have my speed back now please? :-)


Your technician came this morning, timely as usual, and changed the phone socket and wire into house - thanks for that - to eliminate them as sources of drop out issue. So we'll see how that goes, and I'll post back here.




Thanks @markberk1.


Feel free to message us here should you need further assistance.

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Hi @Riezl 


Unfortunately the issue continues with 4 drop outs recorded so far this evening, from 6 to 10pm.


Failure        Start             Length
6/04/2019 6:47:41 PM 0:02:51
6/04/2019 6:51:37 PM 0:03:47
6/04/2019 6:59:37 PM 0:02:59
6/04/2019 9:10:52 PM 0:02:57


I understand your tech today did some tests the data from which will be evaluated at base that will take at least a working day to evaluate. I'll continue to update as I am able to monitor the connectionover the next few days.


Thanks, my speed is back up to the 40's. It's amazing the difference the extra speed makes to the time taken to load web pages. 30Mbps isn't much different to the old ADSL 10Mbps, but 40 is so much better than 30.

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Hi @Riezl 


I got an email from TPG today basically wiping their hands of the issue of drop outs on my connection -


"TPG and NBN on-site and remote testing has shown that all equipment within the TPG
and NBN network are working normally as designed and that the current level of
service we are providing is the best that can be provided to you on your current


Since last TPG tech visit, where my house wiring (3mtrs long) was tested and swapped over and ostensibly eliminated as the source of drop outs, they have continued.


If my wiring has been eliminated as the source of drop outs, and they continue, then the source can only be TPG or NBN infrastructure. That's just logical.


See below for (known) drop out stats since last TPG tech visit.


Failure         Start            Length
7/04/2019 6:10:24 PM 0:02:44
7/04/2019 6:25:15 PM 0:02:56
7/04/2019 6:29:21 PM 0:05:11
7/04/2019 6:37:02 PM 0:04:12
7/04/2019 7:07:31 PM 0:05:13
7/04/2019 8:20:49 PM 0:03:05
7/04/2019 8:24:38 PM 0:04:03


8/04/2019 6:10:05 PM 0:04:35
8/04/2019 7:10:27 PM 0:02:42
8/04/2019 9:29:30 PM 0:06:21
8/04/2019 9:42:13 PM 0:31:38
8/04/2019 11:12:29 PM 0:02:45
8/04/2019 11:15:22 PM 0:02:55


9/04/2019 6:03:08 PM 0:02:43
9/04/2019 11:49:00 PM 0:02:50
10/04/2019 6:10:17 PM 0:03:10
10/04/2019 6:24:48 PM 0:03:07
10/04/2019 7:17:43 PM 0:03:13
10/04/2019 9:24:52 PM 0:03:01




Hi @markberk1, we'll forward your message to our Engineering Team and will have the case engineer call you to further discuss the matter. Can you provide us your best contact number and most convenient time to receive a call?

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Hi @Riezl 


There would be no point to that, my hearing just isn't good enough for the phone.


There's no reason I know of they can't respond here, or by email - they have my email.


We understand that @markberk1, we will pass this on to them for additional reference. We chased this up with our Engineering Team and we've seen on the latest log on file that they sent you an e-mail about the Fault's case progress.

We apologise for any inconvenience.