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Constant Dropouts past few days

Level 1c

Past few days i have been getting a constant drop out multiple times throughout the day in craigieburn Vic.

Been running fine for months, and now its garbage. Using a Huawei HG659 modem

Sync speeds feel like garbage as well at the moment. im on the nbn 50 plan


Level 1c

still getting them even after having the modem off for a few hrs to see if that managed to do anything .. fun times arent being had by all..


Hi  Cheechz0r


We're sorry to read that you're experiencing issues with the connection. Kindly send your account details via private message so we'll be able to assist you accordingly.


We have also received your post on a separate thread and have likewise replied to it. Pls check the link below:


We'll wait for your response.