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Constant Internet Dropouts

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Good morning,


We have been having dropouts daily for over 2 months now (since 31 March 2021), there's been about 5 support tickets raised and closed as if the issue was fixed (no matter how many times I told the technicians that the problem was the inconsistency, as soon as the connection was back they would close the ticket). I bought and changed the cable to my modem as advised by one of the technicians and still, we barely had internet on the weekend and today the internet came back but even though we have NBN50 my download speed is 10Mbps and upload 0.5Mbps with a latency of 14ms (refer to attached file for internet speed test results).


I've been a TPG customer since 2013 but I honestly had enough. If the connection is not sorted by the end of this week I'm changing providers.


I'd appreciate if something can be done (and fast!).




LATEST UPDATE: 7 JUNE 10:43am -------------------------------------------------

Again, I received an SMS from TPG saying the ticket was closed and any technician appointment cancelled because the connection is back. It's very frustrating, I'm in meetings all morning and I'm having to use my phone as hotspot as the connection is too slow for the two of us to use it. Please refer to ticket #11491277.


Hi @FabioL


We're sorry to learn that you are sitll experiencing issues with the service. The ticket is still open and I have forwarded the speedtest result to the assigned Engineer for reference. 


Furthermore, a Complaints Resolution Case Manager is assigned as a sole point of contact and willbe reaching out to work towards a resolution. Please ensure to still leave the modem connected and turned on for remote testing purposes. 


Please await feedback from the said officer via phone call or email.