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Constant Ping Spiking?

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I recently have been experiencing severe ping spikes, where it goes from around 7ms when gaming to over 40ms at basically constant intervals. Sometimes it might spike to 40ms which would be enough to cause noticeable stutter, and sometimes it might go over 100-300ms. This is consistent with other devices in the house during the evening as well, the download speeds also suffer so I'm not sure, might be something to do with the router (TP-LINK VR1600v)? Would anyone know how to troubleshoot this issue? I've attached an image of the ping when pinging to google, and a speed test result.


Welcome to the Community @rl4cccct.


Are you using WiFi or Wired connection? Do you know what speed plan are you on?

What troubleshooting have you done so far?


We also want to test the line on our end, shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.



Level 15

Hi @rl4cccct . Wifi can have erratic response times. Try pinging the router (eg. when you get these spikes.