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Constant drop outs (couple of weeks)

Level 1b

We have HFC NBN connection, and for the past week or 2 we have been getting constant drop outs, more so in the afternoon/night.. these drop outs can be hours between, or minuntes, last night we probably had ~50 drop outs, and in the end i just gave up.


We are using the standard TPG HG659 modem, when ever there is a drop out, sometimes a reboot of the modem fixes the issue for a few minutes, sometimes nothing.. the NBNco box always has all 4 lights solid, but the TPG modem cant seem to detect 'internet connection'...


Ive tried factory reset on the modem and set it back up with my tpg account..

I've replaced all cables, isolated it so only 1 device is connected to the modem (via ethernet not wireless), but still just drop outs all the time..


We've been on this connection for over a year and it had been rock solid.


Infact in while typing this, ive had 2 drop outs.

Please help. Thanks.


Hi lwebster


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We're sorry to know that you're experiencing issues with the service. We're here to help! 


I tried searching for your account using your Community details however we're unable to find a match. Could you please send us with your Customer ID or username via private message so we can assist you accordingly? 


We'll wait for your response. 





Good day, lwebster


I have likewise replied to your private message and has included the ticket number for the escalated fault. 


Please feel free to let us know should you require further assistance.