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Constant dropouts HFC - ppp3 Error

Level 2

My internet connection keeps dropping off due ppp3 error. After restarting the modem, the connection comes back up and then it disconects again. Here's the error log from TP Link Archer VR1600v:


IDTimeTypeLevelLog Content117/04/2019 23:23PPPErrorppp3217/04/2019 23:23PPPErrorppp3 Timeout waiting for PADO packets317/04/2019 23:22PPPErrorppp3417/04/2019 23:22PPPErrorppp3 Timeout waiting for PADO packets517/04/2019 23:21PPPErrorppp3617/04/2019 23:21PPPErrorppp3 LCP down71/01/2016 10:01PPPErrorppp381/01/2016 10:01PPPErrorppp3 Timeout waiting for PADO packets


Level 4

Hi @hasan other than PPP logs do you have anything that has System?

Level 2

Hi @legcat , here's the system log:


IDTimeTypeLevelLog Content
118/04/2019 20:00SYSTEMNoticeDSL training G.994
218/04/2019 16:56SYSTEMNoticeDSL training G.994
318/04/2019 13:40SYSTEMNoticeDSL training G.994
418/04/2019 12:46SYSTEMNoticeEWAN link up 1000 mbps
518/04/2019 12:46SYSTEMNoticeEWAN link down
618/04/2019 12:46SYSTEMNoticeEWAN link up 1000 mbps
718/04/2019 12:46SYSTEMNoticeEWAN link down

Hi @hasan,


Thanks for raising this with us.


We've run some test and was not able to detect any fault within the network.


We'd like to look into it to understand the nature of the problem.


Please shoot me a private message with your preferred time and best number to be contacted for us to arrange a call from our Tech team.


Kind regards,


Level 4

Hey @hasan it appears that your EWAN link is also dropping out, this may be the reason why the PPP session is dropping due to long wait for PADO packets to receive.

this is the ethernet cable between NBN arris and TPG  link modem.


you may want to try a different ethernet cable

if the cable is not the problem you may also check the power adapter of your modem, some feature will act up if you're not using the supplied adapter.

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Hi @legcat, I am using the power adapter that came with the modem. I will try a different Ethernet cable and see how it works. Cheers.

Hi @hasan,


We've seen that one of our Technicians tried to contact you earlier today unfortunately no avail. Let us your best contact time time or you can contact our Technical Support Team directly 131423.


Let us know should you require further asistance.