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Constant dropouts of Small Buisness HFC - PP3 LCP Down

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I have been dealing with TPG techs for a couple of weeks now. HFC problem where we get random and frequent dropouts of our internet.


Looking at the log file of our TPG suplied Archer VR1600V modem, I see at the times it goes down the PPP3 LCP is down.


When it is down, the NBN connection box shows all LEDS lit and solid. On some occasions I have seen the online LED flashing.


Initially there was a mistake within TPG in that my mobile number was given against another TPG account fault. This lead to an appointment where the NBN tech tunred up at an address in Queensland instead of South Aus. Anyway I chatted to that tech and he logged into my connection and checked a few things. He suggested the only thing he could see was that the receive strength appeared too high. The attenuator on our NBN box is 3dB. He said that wa too low for what he would suggest. Anyway that was all he could do remotely and I was happy he did that for me.
Back to TPG support they sorted their mistake out and the following day we had an apppointment for a local NBN tech. That tech came and could not find any issue. i had mentioned what the QLD tech had said but he said everything looked in spec. With no fault identified he swapped out the NBN connection box with a new one.

Now shortly after him leaving we once again had dropouts. TPG followed up proactively and arranged for a TPG tech to come out. He attended and could not find any issue. He suggested moving the modem to plug in directly to the NBN box as we have an internal LAN. This was done straight away and the issues continued thereafter.

So ring back TPG support and now they want to send the TPG tech out again. OK.

The questions I have is why can't I see my fault in my online TPG account portal? Why isn't there an email address I can be using to continue reporting our ongoing issues?


Hi @CouchSloth 


Welcome to the Community!


We have a new TPG Application available, which you may use to check the fault that was raised.

You may check this article: TPG’s New Support App: My TPG


An SMS should be given by our Engineers, which you may reply to any follow up. If you did not receive any SMS, we'll check it further for you.


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.


How do I private message (PM) in the community?



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I only discovered the App last night and noone I have thus spoken to mentioned it. Unless I report the fault via the app I cannot see my current fault.


PM Sent.

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No further responses from TPG on our issue. A TPG tech re-attended our site and conducted further tests. He resolved the issue was with the NBN, no our equipment. He submitted his testing to the TPG engineering team and said a sensior engineer would come back to us.


We have heard no further. The issues of dropouts do appear to have now stopped although I cannot be 100% sure. It is a business and thus we are only here through the day. The log file in the Archer modem can only hold so much information before its overwritten and the bulk of records are always to do with VOIP.

I did reply to the last SMS I got from TPG about the TPG techs appoinment, asking for an update on our issue but have heard nothing back. It would be good to know if an issue was fixed or if somehow it has magically disappeared. I am sure TPG can check our service connection history to see if this indeed is the case.




Hi @CouchSloth


The escalated ticket has been closed, since the case was resolved by the attending technician.

Your assigned Engineer monitored the service and tried to contact you to no avail. An email notification was sent to advise you that the case has been resolved.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.



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Hi @BasilDV ,


The attending technician did not resolve the issue. Whilst it appears the issue has now gone the tech was only able to confim issues we were having and submitted his report accordingly. There was nothing he changed and corrected whilst here.

If the engineer had tried to contact me then they have not left a voice message or sent a text message.

I would like to know the issues have gone all together. As our modem does not have the capacity in the log file to show any issues over anything greater than a few hours I don't have the ability to see all issues have gone. I would like to know if the engineer actaully found and corrected any issues, but I suggest he has not. This means we had ongoing issues for a few weeks and then they have simply gone away.


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Hi Basil,

Once again we are having the same issue. PPP3 LCP Down. It appears to happen regularly and often at about this time of day {~3pm CST +9.5).  This would suggest our issue has not been resolved.
We need this issue resolved and I would suggest by the NBN.



Hi @CouchSloth


I'll arrange a call from our Tech team to check on the service further.