Constant dropouts

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My internet drops out on all devices, up to 20-30 times a day, for 30 seconds to a minute.

All devices are still connected to the network, but the internet connection disappears momentarily.

In the modem log the same pattern is repeated:

LAN3 link down


LAN3 link up 100 mbps



Send OFFER...


Send ACK...


We've had dropout issues forever with TPG, so we bought an extender. But the past 4-5 weeks it's been really bad.


Any assistance would be really appreciated.

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Hi @ArdSionnach . What model wifi router do you have?
The LAN3 relates to an ethernet LAN port. What device is connected on LAN port 3? Is it a computer?
The device is only connecting at 100Mbps.

The DISCOVER, OFFER, ..... is normal sequence for a device to obtain an ip address from the router.

You can check your devices to find the mac address and the ip address shown in the log.

Are wifi devices affected by this?

When you say "disappears momentarily", does your browser recover automatically or do you have to do something?

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I have the Archer VR1600v.


The device connected to LAN3 is a TP-Link Deco Mesh extender.


That's the only device hardwired. Everything that connects via wifi drops the internet connection and recovers automatically. They all remain connected to the wifi network, it's just the internet connection that drops.

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@ArdSionnach . Do you have any wifi devices connected to the VR1600 wifi or is everything coming through the extender?

When you get the dropouts, do any lights change on NBN box or router?

If the sysem log has only LAN3 messages, it's the extender causing the problem. What model Deco is it?