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Contract expiration date

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I would like to know when my contract ends for my NBN and phone please.
I think it is in approximately 2 months.
We have unexpectedly sold our house, and will be moving out of this house in one month. We may not find a new property to buy for several months after that, therefore I won’t be ready to relocate my service when we move out in a month. I will holidaying and using the accommodation’s wifi.
Do I just need to pay out the remaining owing on the contract in a month’s time? Can you tell me how much that will be, if I move out on May 13?

Hi @Chip84 ,


Thanks for raising this to us, we'd love to help and arrange one of our Account Specialists to contact you to discuss details of the service contact. Please shoot me a private message with best contact number and preferred time.


How do I private message (PM) in the community