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D link DIR-C5460 won't connect

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I just upgraded my modem to a Dlink DIR-X5460 to take advantage of my ultra fast NBN plan.


Unfortnately it won't connect.

1. It's not a faulty modem - I have checked it on a friends NBN and it works fine

2. It's not the way its connected - its connected to exactly the same posrtas an existing modem that works

3. The ligin details etc are correct

4. I have upgraded the firmware to the lastest version


I purchased the modem as it was on the list provided by tpg


A suggested solution on this communit was to ue it as a range extender - this isn't a solution. Why would I pay $400 for a range extender


Any advise appreciated



Hi @waynejencke . Do you have FTTP connection? If yes, the setup is same for ultrafast as it is for standard FTTP.

If HFC, the standard setup uses VLAN ID=2 whereas the higher speed setup does not.

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Yes it FTTP connection?


I used the dlink wizard to set it up?


Is tere a document somewhere that would detail the settings if I set it up manually


And thanks fro responding so quickly



@waynejencke . Other users have been unable to get this model to work. Put   x5460   in search bar, sort in reverse date order.

The manual is available on Dlink web site.

Try factory reset. Settings are PPPoE, your username with and password. Only other option is in Advanced settings. Try Static ip and Dynamic ip. Manual is not clear on the difference.

You are using the same UNI-D port as with the previous router?

Anything in the router's system log?

Otherwise, have to wait for a moderator. 

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Thanks done all that and found the previous thread


Sadly TPG shouldn't be recommending this modem if it doesn't work