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DHCP Reservation on HG 659 - Limit of 8 devices

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Hi all

Can anybody advise if there is a way of increasing the number of devices that I can set a DHCP reservation  on the HG 659?
It is limited to 8 devices which seems a very low number.

Many thanks.

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You are limited to 8 on it's current firmware version, it's only really mobile devices that you would want to have reserved, what I did on my HG659 is set the DHCP range from - gave my 3 ethernet connected PC's static ip's on, network printer and media players and Wireless Access Point that leaves 8 reserved addresses from - 12.

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Thanks for the suggestion orbistat!

I really like the concept of subdividing the DCHP range and will implement a similar strategy.

I would still like to be able to reserve more than 8 IPs and I hope a greater number are available in a future firmware upgrade of the HG659.

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You can also just change the default lease time from 1 day to permanent, so then even after you have your 8 reserved ip spots fully populated, the dhcp server will auto assign the next highest ip to the next device connected and keep it until you manualy delete that pairing in lan settings, virtually the same result as a reserved ip! If there are any other devices paired that you don't really want it's so easy to delete those devices as well.


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Hi BasilDV

This might be the wrong question for this section but how do I send you a private message?
Perhaps a sticky note somewhere in this community forum on sending a private message would be useful.


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Thanks orbistat

That's another excellent suggestion which I hadn't considered.

I do find it strange that such an advanced modem would have such a low limitation of 8 on the number of reservered ip addresses.

I have devices that I don't care what IP address they get allocated but surely like me there must be other users who have households with devices they wish to set with a particular IP address and considering the number of wifi equipped items that are quickly coming on the market I would think demand for this feature would only increase.


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Here's the steps on how to send a Private Message.


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The suggestion given by @orbistat is an excellent one which you can consider using on your HG659 modem.


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