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DLink Covr c1200 on HFC

Level 2
hoping someone has encountered this as it's driving me crazy.
just picked up the Covr mesh network to get more consistent internet, however cannot seem to get internet access when connecting into the TPG supplied HFC modem.
Level 14

If you have HFC, you must have a black Arris NBN box which connects to the wall socket with coax cable.

The TPG wifi router (TP-Link Archer?) connects to the Arris.

Do you plan to use the VOIP phone service with NBN? If you do, you have to have the TPG router as the  router connected to Arris. If not, you might be able to just use the Covr point A device connected to Arris.

Covr configuration is different in each case.

Level 2
I also can't connect my covr.
Even had a technician look at it.
It should work. It doesn't
Level 14

Hi Davidpjrabey. Do you intend to use the Covr connected directly to the NBN box or connect the Covr to the TPG-supplied wifi router which connects to the NBN box?.