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Back in about November last year, my modem began using data of between 400 mb and 500 mb per day.  This data was being used regardless of whether I was logged on to the internet or not. If the modem was on, then this data was being used. I noticed this when I checked my data usage via the TPG website. I was on a TPG ADSL plan of 20Gb per month (10Gb peak and 10Gb off peak). I rang TPG several times about this unusual data usage but no plausible explanation was offered. To overcome the problem, every time I finished on the internet, I turned the modem off.

In July, I took up TPG’S offer on NBN Plan of 10Gb per month with VOIP for the home phone, hoping the new plan would resolve the data usage issue. I noticed on the new plan that the data usage issue continued. According to the usage record, the modem would stay logged on for 24hrs at a time and consume 400 to 600Mb per day.

I began ringing the help desk about the continuing problem. The new modem is wireless and this has been turned off. The only device connected to the internet is a desktop computer by cable. I have no smartphone or TV or anything else capable of using data. If somebody from TPG reads this, I have a reference number for the complaint which is 46566778. This will outline what the help desk have tried and the number of times I have called about the problem. Last time I called, the operator said the issue would be escalated and a report provided. This was over a week ago and nothing has happened.  

In August, because of this data usage of 400 to 600 Mb per day, I of course exceeded my data usage for the month after about 3 weeks and usage was “shaped” making the internet unusable. Because of the new plan, I am reluctant to turn the modem off as this renders the home phone unusable.

So a few questions….

Why can I get no explanation for this data usage?

Is this a ploy by TPG to force people to upgrade to higher data plan? Pre this problem, I would use at most 6Gb of data per month.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Please call me TPG. You have my phone numbers but the home phone will probably be off because…         


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Hi ferguskg,


Thanks for raising this with us. Looking at the previous escalated ticket, we've tried ringing you a couple of times but we are unable to reach you. I will send you a PM as I need to get more details regarding your account and the issue.

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Hi @ferguskg,


When I switched over to the NBN I was not aware that both uploads and downloads are counted in the usage so the first time I checked my usage report it surprised me


Turns out its mentioned on the sign-up page. Is there any chance it could be something simple like this causing you to be shaped?


Uploads typically come from things such as sending email with attachments, the use of things such as iCloud or dropbox, or peer to peer sharing sites.


You can check your usage online at


Ive attached an excerpt of my usage to show you what it looks like.


If anything above does not make sense please let me know so I can clear it up

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Hi InfinityPlus Two,

I am aware of the myaccount for the data usage. This is how I have been monitoring the data usage.

This problem was occuring before I switched to NBN. As I stated data usage was high on the ADSL2 plan and to overcome this I would turn the modem off when not in use. Now as NBN, turning the modem off leaves me without a home phone

If I leave the modem turned on for 24 hrs, turn the computer off, unplug the the ethernet cable from the modem, not use the computer all, when I log on to my account the next day my data usage is between 400 to 600 mb. So, in theory,  if I did not use the computer for 30 days with the modem on, I will exceed my data usage of 10Gb in about 20 days.

I do not use such things as  iCloud or dropbox, or peer to peer sharing sites.


Hi ferguskg,


Thanks for raising this with us. Looking at the previous escalated ticket, we've tried ringing you a couple of times but we are unable to reach you. I will send you a PM as I need to get more details regarding your account and the issue.

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I have the same problem at our beach house. On the days we are not here my account says I'm using data. Can I turn the modem off or will it cause problems with the whole setup? 



Hi @beach_house,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Yes, you can turn off the modem if you are not going to use it.


It should not mess with the setup as the settings is already saved in it. However, make sure that no one will press the reset button on the modem as the saved configuration will be deleted and will return to its default setting.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,




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I know this is an old thread but if you are still connected/contactable, I’m having the same problem as ferguskg and would love to know what solution you ended up with?

ie what is using the data, not just turn it off when you aren’t using it!!!! (Sorry but that is rediculous, seriously 😒)


Hi @tpdornottpd


Welcome to the Community!


Although turning off the modem is one way to ensure that no one is able to use your internet connection when you're not in the premises, it doesn't actually resolve the issue. It's still best to find out what's causing the high data usage.


Using your community details, I was able to check your account. Our records show that you're on a limited plan with a 10GB monthly data quota. From what I can tell, you have max this out on April 11.


Are you using the internet on April 11? How many devices were connected at that time and what activities were you doing (examples: browsing, streaming, downloading)? Did you customize your WIFI details prior to April 11?


That being said, I can see that you have contacted our Helpdesk Team yesterday and that they have already escalated this for further investigation. You will be contacted within 24-48 hours from yesterday regarding this case.



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yes the question isn’t what have I used. It is what have you, (ie you and the modem you have provided) used of my data allowance?



Hi @tpdornottpd,


Initial findings indicate that the usage came from devices that were connected to your modem.


Our Technical Team will contact you regarding the outcome of the investigation that was raised yesterday.