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Data usage on an Unlimited plan

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Currently have an ADSL2 unlimited plan but was wondering how do I find out how much data I am using each month.

No amounts are showing up in My Account details

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Hi @broberts73  As far as I know, Data Usage won't show up on your account profile when you log-in to if you're on the Unlimited Data Plan.

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Yeah I am pretty sure that is the case but is there a way to find out how much data I am using.

Is there some sort of magic switch that can be flicked for it to be measured or other alternatives.


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There's third party softwares that can measure usage such as netlimiter, however those require to be installed on each and every computer, (phones and tablets are excluded as they aren't supported).


Other than that and for a more centralised data logging, third party firmwares for routers (if supported) as well as having a computer doing all the data accounting is one other possible way.

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Yes, some of modem/routers have a feature it shows how much 'Data Bandwidth ' you used like for a month. I got pro-link 3 years ago and it has it. I forgot the model number though

JLo Level 1a
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it is not visable via your account login - i called the help desk and the sent me an email with daily breakdowns of my requested dates.

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JLo is right mate.


I do remember way back when I was using ADSL2+ with unlimited data under TPG. I was curious if how much data I was using every month to make sure that I utilized the package that I'm paying for. I've asked if where can I see this information and was told that it will not show up if I'm under the unlimited data plan, but was offered to send the information that I seek via email.


You can call or Email TPG to ask for those information and their support team will provide you what you want.

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You could probably message one of the moderators here as well and they could provide your usage.



Likely easier than calling or emailing

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Your modem will probably have a "Statistics" page where you can read the amount of data sent and received.

On the HG659, it is on Maintain > Statistics. In addition it may also display (perhaps on another page) how long it has been up.