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Difference in internet plans

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So I'v noticed that the NBN12 plan and the 5g unlimited data plan both cost the same, yet one has far, far better download and upload speeds. Can anyone sum up the differences of the plans and why one might offer so much more than the other?

Additionally, I'v actually recently upgraded to an Optus plan which gave me 50 mbps, an upgrade from my old Telstra which gave 25 mbps. However, the new wifi is actually much slower when I play video games (both were 5g). I'm thinking of changing to TPG but I'm not sure if the same problem will occur so I want to know the underlying cause of the slow internet. Is there any reason why the "faster" plan is laggier? because Optus tells me they aren't throttling my internet.


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Hi @Spiffykittycat . You can check here  if your address has 5G coverage.

There is also info on  CG-NAT and Latency.

I don't know the technical reason for not recommending gaming on 5G.

Also, factors affecting speed generally.

5G doesn't include a phone service. See "Virtual Phone service".

You have to use the wifi router provided by TPG. Several users have had problems connecting their wifi devices to it. Or, you might use functions that aren't available on the TPG 5G router.

It is likely that your current wifi router will work on NBN connection. What model number is it?

Do you have an NBN connection at your address already? You can check what's available at your address at


You say "new wifi is actually much slower when I play video games", are you playing on wifi device? Could you explain more?

What down and up speeds do you get when you do a speedtest?

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Oh so I actually use ehternet cable, but even with mobile games I can tell that the wifi is slower now than it was before because now I get occasional spikes in lag. I already had NBN with my previous provider before which worked fine. With down and up speeds it has ranged from 70 download and 9 upload to 20 download and 0.1 upload. Previously, it was pretty much always a stable 25 no matter how many devices I connected (with around 7 users total). Now it seems to fluctuate a lot more and I'm not sure why?