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Download Speeds Better on VPN??

Level 2

Hi all, 


I have FTTP on TPG's highest plan, normal speed checks get me around 850-950 Mbps  with a ping of 1-2ms. Normally been super happy with TPG's internet. However the last few months ive noticed downloading games from Steam/Xbox/Blizzard usually caps out about 20Mbps, thought nothing of it. However if i connect to a VPN i get around 60-80 Mbps?? My understanding is VPN usually slows internet down? Why am i getting slower download speeds with no VPN? I also use Foxtel over the internet and lately my Shield wont stream live Foxtel in HD even though my speed tests show good results, are TPG throttling download rate? Anyone else had  this  issue?

Level 15

Hi @FatHopper . Do you know the host name or ip address of any of the game servers?

Without using VPN, do ping and tracert to host name or ip address.

(Bad routing by TPG might produce long response times producing low download speed.)

Do ping and tracert to the VPN server.

(Probably get reasonable response times; good routing.)

Start your VPN client and do ping and tracert to the game server.

(The addresses here will be from the VPN server to the game server; probably reasonable response times.)