Email Delay

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Hi. I run a smail email server in my office. Lately I am finding that sending email leaves my email server ok (queue empty, logs say sent) but the recipient does not receive their email. They finally receive it after a lengthy time (5 days some times).


There is no notification of delay or anything.


A client has inspected the email header that they received and advised that the problem is at the provider end. I have attached some details they have sent me. If someone could please advise as we are currently sending via a generic GMAIL account.


Hi @haychis,

If you are using TPG email, we'd like to gather more info so we can assess what's causing the delays. 

  • Are you currently using an email client? (e.g Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • Does this also happen when using TPG Post Office? 
  • Does this happen to all email recipient or random? 


Let us have the screenshot of the header via private message along with your email address or TPG username/Customer ID to better assist you.






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