Email Sending

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I continually have all emails to which I have an attachment immediately rejected when I choose send.

The process commences and I see the progress line moving across and it says sending part 44 part 67 etc and such numbers as though it is scanning the document in parts irrespective of its size.  Then it says error sending message and it disappears totally with nothing of it in the sent or outbox. .

Some time later it sends a message to my in box saying it again is an error with this message shown:-: 


The following message to <> was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.3.0 - Other mail system problem 554-'5.6.1 Messages of type message/partial are not supported []'

Even if I put the document as an image in the body of the rmail, it is still rejected.  I am using Windows Live Mail for several years and have not had this now continuing problem.  Even though the attachment is very small in size, it still isrejected.  Your help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Level 15

Hi @michael1 . Is this the same problem you posted about a few weeks ago?
Did the postmaster provide any suggestions?


What email client are you using?


You said previously:

"It happens randomly irrespective of the size of the attachment and does not happen very often".

Are there any occasions when sending does work?


Does your client have a "break messages apart" option?

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Thanks david64, I use Windows Live mail for my tpg email.  Occasionally , my emails with attachments are sent OK but then the problem occurs again and again. It also sometimes send them to the person but it is showing them as as page of mixed numbers letters and characters. I tried Images by sending them in the body of the email  but they frequently  become the same problem of not sent email with the error message. There is no sign of any break message apart option.

What will happen if I changed from Windows live mail to Thunderbird in terms of my access to my saved emails and my contacts list? 


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@michael1 . In Windows live mail, click Accounts in menu bar, then Properties, Advanced. Check that "Break messages apart" option is not ticked. I've tried this in my WLM by sending to myself. I receive several emails with the attachment split and showing as letters and numbers. WLM doesn't seem able to reconstitute the original attachment.

Thunderbird should be able to download your Post Office Inbox. Don't know if it can import the WLM folders and contacts.