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Email migration - not working

Level 2

Hi @BasilDV ,


I have opt-in for the email migration back in early/mid Aug, and tried again on 13 Sep which I was informed that my email account was already on the list for migration.


My understanding is the migration is actually taking place in Oct 2023. Currently, I am not able to send any emails out from my Outlook client via the email address.


I can log into the Post Office using my email address.


Please advise. Thanks.

Level 3

@FleetAdmiral you are not alone - I currently cannot receive emails via Outlook from our TPG account. I ended up making a phone call to TPG. Grab a cuppa, as they will take a while responding, but this seems to be a technical issue that is affecting a lot of us. They apparently are working on the issue for me.

Level 3

Outlook wouldn't even run this morning when I turned my PC on.

I managed to fix that, but can't send or receive any emails on my accounts.

I can't even log into the Post Office at tpg to check my emails, so I don't know if a confirmation email has been sent re the transfer to TMC.


Hi Guys,


We are currently experiencing delays in receiving emails.


Check it here:



- make sure that the settings on your Outlook is correct. Check it here:

- What error message are you receiving when you login to Post Office? Have you tried to reset your password?