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Email migration - what happens to aliases and linking IMAP email to Outlook

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Hi - I have tw questions I don't think have been covered yet

1. The tpg email address I use publicly  and alias because the user name (and therefore email) I chose 20 years ago is no longer suitable.  I'm guessing the emial I use for migraiton will have to be the original? And if so, what happens to the alias? (I have 2 aliases but 1 of those is the one I use for everything)

2. My account is an IMAP accout and I log into post office when I need to but generally view my emails in Outlook on my desk top as it's more convenient and easier to read. I recall reading something from microsoft some time ago saying they weren't going to allow any new redirections of external provider emails to Outlook. What happens to my current set up with outlook after migration to TMC? I'm guessing it will require a different set up in Outlook (eg ports, email type etc).   Thankyou


Hi @RoseC ,


If you have an IMAP Email Only account, you would not have received an invite to migrate your email at this point. To answer your first question about email alias, when the time comes you have to migrate the main email address and both aliases will automatically be migrated with it. 


I also use outlook on both computer and phone. I think there would be some changes on the set up, but not that much. As for accessing emails online, there shouldn't be any issues.


These FAQ's may help Frequently Asked Questions | The Messaging Company and TPG email addresses | TPG Support


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Joseph D

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A very clear statement.


Thank you,

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Thanks Joseph - much appreciated. 

Just FYI I do have only a paid IMAP email service (which I migrated from tpg POP account some years ago) and no other tpg service and i did receive the migration email.