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Email not working

Level 3

My email has not been working for the last 3 days. It keeps asking me for my passwords, which when I enter, still won't work. I have multiple TPG email addresses and none are working. If I try to log in via the TPG site, it says the username and password can't be found. 


Can anyone help me as to why this might be happening? 


Thank you in advance.

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HI @IamJaneS, as per checking, the account is currently inactive as the payment is still in progress. This is the reason why your email is not working. We are expecting the payment to be posted on October 17 or 18,2019.

Level 3

If the account is inactive, why is my internet still working? I run a small business and need the email to be working. This is very frustrating! I have no idea why my usual direct debit didn't work, because it's a work account that always has funds available. 


Oh well, I guess due to a TPG glitch, I will now lose business.


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate you getting back to me.


Hi @IamJaneS,


There is no glitch, our system attempted to process the payment on the debit card on file but it was rejected. You may need to contact your bank to check the reason of failed payment. Do you wish to have one of our Account Specialists to contact you? If so, let us know your best contact number and preferred time.


You may also try to process another payment, you may visit this link.


Let us know should you require further assistance.



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Hi Shane, thank you for your reply. I did make another payment on the weekend, which came out of my account on Monday. How long after you receive the payment will I get my email back? I really need it.


I will definitely contact my bank because as I said, that account is always loaded. I certainly don't want this happening again!




Hi @IamJaneS, we are expecting the payment to be posted tomorrow or on Friday, 18/October/2019.