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Extremely slow speed, not working (Weston Creek Canberra)

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Hi there,


My TPG home NBN broadband connection periodically experiences periods of extreme slow, where I'll resort to just restarting the router and disconnecting other devices, but it usually improves on its own. This time it has been going on for over a week, and I think we are expected to keep using this router from TPG. 


At the moment, it will temperamentally stream on the TV but no other devices can so much as browse the internet.  On my phone hotspot, it is 30 mbps download, and 9.37 upload, trying to run the same speed test on the TPG NBN connection, it says that it can't be completed due to a problem with the network, and will upload a single page only very lowly and seemingly at random after trying multiple times. 


Has anyone in Canberra (Weston Creek area) had similar problems, and any suggestions on how to either have TPG come and fix it or get some additional credit on their account for the garbage period? The monthly rates are not such that it seems right to go weeks without service. When I've called in the past, its been a bit of a muckaround so I thought I'd try here first.


Many thanks 



Hi Ryan,


Let us take a look at your connection, just send us a PM with your account details so we can run some test on your connection.


How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community


Kind regards,

Joseph D