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FTTB Installed today - Dropping out regularly

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I had FTTB installed in my home today. Ever since the install (8 hours ago), I have had the following issues:

  • Consistent dropouts
  • We cant join the 5ghz wifi
  • When we can join the 5ghz wifi, it stays connected for one minute before dropping out again

I would appreciate some help with this. So far I have:

  • restarted the modem (numerous times). The lights are always on so im not sure this is the problem
  • Renamed the wireless and updated the password. Still no fix.

Can someone please provide assistance? I cant get on to the chat function either



Level 11

Do you have an Archer 1600 router?

Does it plug into the wall socket or is there another box as well?

On the Archer, are the DSL (2nd light) and Internet (3rd light) always on or do they go off sometimes?

Do you have a computer connected by cable to router? Does it have problems with internet?

(In relation to first bullet point Consistent dropouts)


Can you connect to the 2.4G band?

When your wifi device scans for networks, does it show good signal strength for both networks?

Are there any other networks detected that might interfere with yours?
Is it any better when you are close to the router?


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Thanks for the reply. The answer to your questions:


Yes we have the Archer VR1600v

It is plugged into a wall socket

The DSL and the Internet light are always on

There is nothing connected via cable to the router


Yes we can connect to teh 2.4G band, however this drops out intermittently

Yes there are good signal strength

This is an apartment building, so there are other wireless networks

Being close doesnt matter. My main computer is only one metre away


Level 11

Do you feel then that the internet connection is ok and it is just the wifi to the router dropping out?

Might be a faulty router.

Be good to verify; if you connect your laptop by cable to router so you can compare the internet operation with a wifi device. 


TPG has some articles on wifi:

Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home

Wireless Channel on your modem - what is it and why should I change it?


The second one shows how to check the other networks. This might be relevant to 2.4G only. You want to compare your network's signal % and channel with other networks. 5G network is faster but doesn't penetrate walls as much.

Level 2

I spoke to someone on the online chat who did a reset from his end, which seemed to fix everything. Thanks for your help!