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FTTB connection dropping off

Level 2
Hi TPG team, please your help to fix my connection because it’s keep dropping off every few seconds which makes it impossible to keep connected with my work since I’m working from home every day.. I did check everything including resetting the modem and checked all cables and the modem settings but the connection still dropping despite the modem always saying it’s connected!
Please your help
My modem is Huawei HG 659
Connection is FTTB ( Not NBN)


Hi @zaidrita79


I found your account using your Community details and recent notes on your account indicated that the connection issue is now raised to our Engineering Team. 


Although remote tests showed that your connection is now stable for a few hours, the assigned Engineer will keep monitoring your service. Please ensure to leave your modem connected and turned on for remote testing purposes. 


Further updates will be communicated via phone call or SMS.