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FTTB constant dropouts

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Current Plan: FTTB M Bundle
Moved into current apartment 10 months ago, initial connection to FTTB was great. The connection would be stable and stay connected for 20+ hours without dropping out. I would maybe get dropouts once every couple of days which is completely understandable.
For the past few months, I've been getting constant daily dropouts. Most of the time it will go down for 30min-1hr+ while constantly connecting and disconnecting. Sometimes it will take a router reset for it to reconnect. I have not seen the DSL uptime go past 8+ hours for a long time. Usually, there will be a disconnection every few hours every day.
I'm experiencing 2 types of dropouts from what I can see from my router's settings page:
  1. "Disconnected" - it will disconnect, reconnect for a minute, then drop out again, repeatedly until it is able to maintain a stable connection.
  2. "Link down" - the line is down completely and there aren't any attempts at re-connection, will require a modem reset to attempt reconnection.
 I use an ASUS DSL-AC68U modem router. The computer is connected via ethernet and phones etc connected via WIFI. I've used this modem/router at a previous apartment (on the same street) with TPG FTTB without as many dropouts as I'm experiencing now.
  • Used a different router
  • Updated to latest router firmware
  • replaced telephone cable from the phone line to the router
  • Various VDSL settings in my router setup for stability adjustment eg Rx AGC GAIN adjustment. I'm already syncing at a lower speed than the max to try to increase connection stability.
I work in IT and know my way around my own setup and equipment. As far as I can tell the issue is from TPG's side in not being able to maintain a stable line connection for some reason.
Could someone from TPG please assist in getting to the bottom of these dropouts as I rely on a steady internet connection for work and I am close to switching to a different provider to alleviate this issue. I'm available for a call via my account contact number between 10am-5pm to conduct any tests/book a technician if necessary.

Hi @andrewtxu,

Welcome to the TPG Community!

We've edited your post with your username for account security.

Apologies for the trouble. We would like to look into it and try to figure out what's going on.

We apreciate all the checks that you've carried out to isolate this issue. I'd like to arrange a call from one of our senior technician to assess this further for you.

Can you please let PM us your best contact time and number so that I can arrange this for you?


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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Erika, I've PMed you my contact details and hope to hear from you soon.


Hi @andrewtxu,

I've noticed that you've marked your post as "Solved" and I can also see improvement with your connection. It seems that it is connected for 3hrs and 15minutes.

Are you still experiencing issues with your connection? If yes, please let us know as I would like to take it further and escalate it to our Engineering team.

Thank you.


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Hi Erika,

I still need help, please have someone contact me tomorrow, thank you!

Hi @andrewtxu,


I've ran some test and has seen errors that will affect the stability and speed of your internet services.

I've now escalated the case to our Engineering team as a priority.  This case will go through an assessment and they'll be contact for updates via SMS or phone call as soon as additional information becomes available within 24hrs.


We'll also be keeping a close eye on your case and will provide you with updates where possible.





Hi @andrewtxu

I can see that one of our Engineers has been in touch with you and has arranged for a TPG technician to be sent out this Thursday, 26 April between 8:00am - 12:00pm. 


Our Engineers will continue to handle your concern and will contact you as soon as additional information becomes available. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know. 



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Thanks Erika you’ve been very helpful. I hope the technician can fix the issue!

You're welcome @andrewtxu. Let us know how it goes. Smiley Happy


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Hi Erika,


My internet seems to be fixed and is even syncing at the maximum 100/40 now! Just wanted to update you and anyone else for future reference what the problem and resolution was.


The TPG technician I had was so good and knowledgeable, he spent a bunch of time and effort to rewire the old wiring from my apartment's phone line as well as the wiring in the MDF room. The problem seemed to be shoddy/old wiring from the initial installation in the MDF room that was causing instability in the line connection because there was another wire attached. He also went the extra distance and did a pair swap in case it was that specific pair causing issues.


Thank you to Wael for his hard work and time in fixing this problem that has been causing headaches for months and to Erika for sending out a tech so quick to fix the issue! Go TPG! Smiley Very Happy