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I run a micro-business with daily online coaching via Skype. Since changing to the latest version of Skype on my mac two weeks ago I have been having problems with consistency and quality of connection.


The methods I usually try to employ i.e. reboot modem and router all fail to improve the drop outs for the video confrencing. All other operations via FTTB seem to go unaffeced?....


I am hoping TPG technical support staff can assist me with the answer to this problem as i do wish to grow the business and to rely on your service, which has of most part been a reasonable one, and continue to use in the future.


Thank you.




Good day @Binjie,


Welcome to TPG Community!


As you said, once you upgraded your Skype MAC to the latest version the issue with consistency and quality of connection has suddenly occurred. Also, based on your post, other activity on your connection doesn't seem to be affected. It looks like a possible issue of the Skype application.


Have you tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling the application? What are the troubleshooting that you have done so far?


Are you able to test different Telecommunication application software as well?


Kind regards,

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Thank you for your reply.

We discovered that Skype had issues with that version and as you said we deinstalled that version and loaded a new one. This seemed to fix the problem.






Great! Thank you for the update @Binjie.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Cheers mate!