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Why can’t I transfer my broadband to another property when I move

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I am moving house and have been told I can’t transfer my system to my new Address for the same deal I really don’t understand this do I have to cancel my plan and find another company as I have asked this question before and requested an answer but received no response from you at all ?


Good day @annex1012,


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I checked the account and learned that the only available service that we can provide you in the new address will be our ADSL2+ Off-net. You may refer to this link. This means that we are unable to provide you the current package that you have.


You need to make sure that the new address has an active phone line as well for us to provide you the internet service. Once there's an active phone line, we are going to use the infrastructure to provide you with the internet service. If there's no active phone line, then you might need to apply for a phone service with Telstra.


If we need to port your current phone number to the new address, our relocation team will need to check if it's possible, since the exchange will be different.


I will arrange another call from our Moving home team to discuss this further. Please shoot me a private message with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


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