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FTTC availability and technology used

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Hi team,

When do you expect at the earliest that TPG's FTTC NBN be available for NSW (2212) area? 

In addition, what kind of cable technology are you using? Is the fibre optic with DOCSIS® 3 technology? 

Also, I assume that over time, a package of 50mbps and 100mbps will be available and be more price competitive? As we would like to sign up for either plan as soon as FTTC is ready.

Thank you.


Hi @huynhmik,


Thanks for stopping by.


Initial assessment of your address suggests that NBN FTTC will be at your address in the 2nd quarter of 2019.


Based on recent reports they are utilising DOCSYS 3.1 successfully, nonetheless, the technology rolled out in a specific area will be dependent upon NBNCo.


Speeds from customers have remained strong with opportunities to subscribe the the 50 and 100 speed tiers easily enjoyed by customers. In terms of pricing, simply visit our TPG website for the latest pricing and pre-order opportunities. As a TPG customer we will invite you to pre-order in 2019.


Have a great day!