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FTTC problem reported Dec 2021, no responses to emails to TPG_CS

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I joined the TPG forum on 4/12/2021 to research & enquired about static IP, which I had with my previous TPG ADSL service.  A response was received on the 5/12/21, and I was considering my options.  Just after this date, heavy rains filled the pit outside our property, and we lost our NBN service. As this was a major problem with the previous ADSL service, and Telstra (our previous phone service provider) was less than useless, we had changed to a NBN FTTC broadband bundle in March 2021. No problems at all from March to the 9/12/2021. 

I waited for a few days and took pictures of the pit which was still full of water (11/12/2021), then waited until the pit was dry.  Still no service. The pics were emailed to TPG together with my request for attention from NBNco to investigate and repair my service. A follow-up email was sent on the 28/12/21 as no response had been received. 

Note that I suspect that the NBNco NCD, a NDD-0300, may be faulty as it does not connect; the NCD attempts connection but fails every time. It was power cycled  prior to my emails, and appeart to be somewhat hotteer than prior to the rain. 

I did not try to call from a prepaid mobile due to the long wait for calls to be responded to and the high cost of waiting, and as the home phone is now supplied by the (faulty) NBN service, other means of communication were unavailable. A temporary service using the 4G mobile network was purchased as I still had a need for internet access to back up and communicate with a charity that I assist with as well as my general browsing. A further email was sent on the 5th Feb 2022 as I have been away from home until now.

TPG is still taking the monthly payment from my bank account; my account usage is unavailable on my account, from the 19th December 2021 to date (obviously no service = no usage) and I still have no home internet OR phone service! I believe that I am entitled to a refund of the last 3 months charges as well as an explanation for the lack of communication. Compensation for purchasing mobile internet service will also be requested via my complaint to the Ombudsmans office which I am compiling tonight with copies of the emails. I have been more than patient and am now considering a change to another provider. (I have been with TPG for broadband since November 2008).


Hi @EoinM


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


We'd like to help turn your experience around and see what we can do to resolve your service issue as soon as possible.


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.