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FTTN Frequent dropouts

Level 3

more overnight

2018-01-05 03:33:10SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-05 03:33:08SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-05 03:30:32SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-05 03:30:32SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-01-05 00:07:57SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-05 00:07:55SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-05 00:05:22SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-05 00:05:22SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-01-04 23:18:45SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-04 23:18:44SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-04 23:14:58SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-04 23:14:58SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-01-04 22:31:12SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-04 22:31:10SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-04 22:27:50SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-04 22:27:50SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated

Good day @mylestoomey.


Thank you for providing the details.


I have requested to re-open the escalated ticket for further investigation since the issue re-occurred. Updates will be given within 24 to 48 hours.


Kind regards,

Level 3

Only 6 dropouts today. Sadly thats a big improvement.


Date Type Level Log Content

2018-01-09 16:59:45SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-09 16:59:43SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-09 16:56:09SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-09 16:56:09SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-01-09 16:13:53SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-09 16:13:51SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-09 16:11:06SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-09 16:11:06SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-01-09 11:38:01SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-09 11:37:59SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-09 11:34:05SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-09 11:34:05SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-01-09 03:25:13SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-09 03:25:11SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-09 03:22:48SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-09 03:22:48SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-01-09 02:16:51SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-09 02:16:49SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-09 02:13:56SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-09 02:13:56SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-01-09 00:23:02SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-01-09 00:22:58SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-01-09 00:20:38SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-01-09 00:20:38SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
Level 3

Spoke to soon...7 dropouts today  now.

Level 2
Hi ,
Has your issue been resolved at the end ?
I have exactly same issue, maybe worse, 16 drops for me yesterday...

Good day @sdner,


The connection of @mylestoomey seems to be stable, since it's been connected for more than a week now.


We'd like to look into your account to understand the situation. Please shoot me a private message with your TPG username or CID number.


Kind regards,

Level 4

can anyone comment on what the issue was and if it was permanently fixed? I know this is an old thread but I have the exact "symptoms" with my connection and after multiple tech visits the problem keeps coming back. the longest my connection was online and stable was 7 days, which was while it was idle and we were overseas.



Hi @treffo,


I'm sorry to hear about the dropouts you've been experiencing with your connection. I checked your account and from what I can tell, this is currently being investigated by our Engineering Team.


From what I gathered, it was raised to NBNCo on which an NBN technician came on Oct 17 to perform a repair. I understand that the issue is still ongoing, so we have rejected NBNCo's resolution for them to check it further. Our Engineering Team will reach out to you once we have an update from NBNCo regarding the progress of the case.