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FTTN connection dropouts

Level 1a


I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if this looks right. currently, with TPG on NBN FTTN, unlimited package 12mb/s.


Downstream 13960 kbps

Line Attenuation D0( 18.1) D1( 42.2) D2( 62.7) dB

Noise Margin D0( 19.5) D1( 19.4) D2( 0.0) dB


Upstream 2080 kbps

Line Attenuation U0( 6.7) U1( 34.1) U2( 51.1) U3(N/A) U4(N/A) dB

Noise Margin  U0( 28.9) U1( 20.2) U2(N/A) U3(N/A) U4(N/A) dB


the modem connection has been dropping out frequently and I have been undertaking different tests to determine the cause (change phone cable to the first socket, isolation test modem only to the socket, used another modem/router which also drops out in the same manner) still not sure what it is.


 any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Hi @luke2296,


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Based on the Sync of the modem that you posted, it is within specification as you are under the NBN12 speed tier.


We'd like to check if what causes your service to drop.


We failed to locate your account using your community details for us to look into it. Please shoot me a private message with your TPG username or customer ID number.


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