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Fees already paid for IMAP emails

Level 3

I have been paying $80 per year for two IMAP email accounts as TPG POP 3 accounts never ever synchronised.


Now that we are being forced to migrate to the Messaging Company what about the fees that we have paid upfront in advance?


We are migrating across to avoid losing our emails BUT we have paid $80 already and this needs to be refunded. Other customers will be in a similar situation.


We have no idea yet what the new fees for the Messaging Company will be in terms of emails.


TPG needs to refund all IMAP fees to all customers as a result of this change.

Level 3

The Messaging Company Terms of Service page says


Services means the emails services that we provide to you including Basic
Services, Premium Services and any other services offered by us on our website
from time to time.
(o) Service Features means any products, features, benefits, add-ons or extra
services we provide on top of or as part of the Services such as personal
calendars, address books, task lists, storage or email pre-scanning




See 20230724 TMC - Terms of Service (

Level 3

Q: Will it cost me money to have my email service with TMC? 

A: Your service provider has paid TMC to provide your email service until late 2024. After this point, we will communicate with customers about any changes, including pricing. We intend to offer a webmail service for no or very low cost through to premium services, including the option for your domain for your email. i.e.,







If you have received a migration email to one of your email-only accounts, please send me or one of the moderators a PM. We will email you directly once we have further details for IMAP and POP email-only account holders. 

Thank you.

Level 3

I hope that senior managment and shareholders realise that you are going to lose tens of thousands or more of customers as a result of your actions to terminate email services.


The groundswell of customers are working out now who will be providing their internet services instead of through your company.


Telling us we have the option to move to The Messaging Company with NO VISIBILTY of what the costs will be next year is a disgusting treament for the actions you are taking.


We expect a REDUCTION in our Inernet charges seeing emails are no longer being supported.

You will have no customers as a result of this unbelievably stupid move.


I wouldn’t want to be a shareholder in TPG given the offhanded treatment given to your customers and all the underlying companies (iiNet, Internode, Adam etc). These too are all affected.

Level 2

I'm also an IMAP email customer of over 10 years so I'll send a pm


what is concerning is clause 6 of the new terms

6. TPG may withdraw the right for you to use your current email address when you cease acquiring services from TPG or one of our affiliates.


I will in effect cease acquiring services from TPG when I migrate to The Messaging Co.


Level 3

These clowns think that by deleting our email capability "they are improving our service". They are deluded and have no jdea. Wonder how many Internet customers they will retain by this aggressive act of stupidity! They have been reported to the ACCC for changing our terms and conditions.