Felt cheated

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NBN newly connected to my area in May 2020. Due to the prices, i don't sign up for NBN but continue using my ADSL connection.
Received call from NBN offering me same monthly fee, free installation, everything remains same but upgraded to NBN for just paying one-time $10 & I'll get 100gb connection.
NBN connected for just 10days & received an email telling me I've exceeded my usage limit. I've never being disconnected when i use ADSL, but only 10days on NBN & i exceeded my limit?
Checking on the data usage record from tpg websites... 1 month ADSL usage prior NBN is 80gb... but now 10days usage on NBN is 52gb.
I didn't have additional devices, can't even think of any extra usage of data come from.
Now I'm stucked with my work and have to connect via my mobile hotspot.
What does it means by nothing changed after changing to NBN? Very disappointed to NBN as it doesn't increase the speed (as i know since I'm not choosing expensive plan that gives me high speed which i dont need it for my daily work). How can a same monthly usage can suddenly increased so much in data? 30days 80gb vs 10days 52gb... this is ridicules.
Please show proof to me on my usage & don't simply just give a figure just to tell me i exceeded my limit & block my usage & force me to upgrade to more expensive plan.
If no solution, just change it back to my ADSL connection and I'll be happy to stay connected on ADSL rather than stupid NBN.

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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your Full Name, CID (customer identication number) and your mobile phone number, so I can take a look at your service?




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I have the same problem too. I have held off changing from ADSL to NBN. Kept getting calls from TPG customer service for me to switch and I finally switched when i  was promised that my data allowance would be the same as before and now with nbn I will pay $10 less a month for faster speed as long as I sign up for 18 months. 2 weeks into converting to NBN, I received an email to say I have exceeded 10GB and my internet speed has been shaped. When I logged into the my account, it showed I exceeded 10GB within a day and that day I was not even home!!! When I rang up the customer service and technical support, I was given the spiel "we have records to show you did exceed your usage that day" and will send you your usage reports while we investigate and was asked questions like if I keep my modem all the time. I know what the usage report says but I am saying it is not accurate. I am not a gamer, and only ocassionally watch netflix on weekends and don't have any fancy attachments to my modem. How could I have exceeded data when I wasn't even home to use it? And I have read the forums that even turning your modem off there will be some usage. I would like an explanation from TPG what exactly is TPG's modem and downloads doing even when the user is not home that could clock usage? If There is no reasonable explanation, I am cancelling my contract and going to ACCC to lodge an official investigation into this. 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details.

The data collection of our server is accurate. If you have any dispute, it will be investigated for us to provide reasonable resolution.


Could you please advise the dates that you would like to be investigated? Also, please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted by our Senior tech team to discuss the case further.


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How can you say the data collection of your server is accurate when

1) your server clocked 10GB on the day I wasn't home. ( 24th October)

2)  when questioned, your technical support said usage on 24th October is recorded on 23th October (the day before???)

3) I wasn't even home on 23rd Oct, which means BOTH days 23th and 24th October  (23rd Oct being a public holiday)

4) when questioned further, your technical support said based on past usage reports ( the accuracy of which we are questioning here)  I have exceeded 10GB when I was on ADSL but they were more lenient in the past, with NBN it is different. 

5) When asked if TPG has hour by hour tracking, there was none available.

6) When TPG customer service rang me to get me to upgrade to NBN S Bundle on the 10GB plan as suitable based on my previous ADSL usage, citing they are shutting ADSL down and I have to change to NBN by November. Please don't tell me now that I have always exceeded my data usage on ADSL and the NBN plan recommended based on past usage now needs to be upgraded.


Your customer service team has rang me once over the weekend and there is no resolution to date.





Hi @MichM


This case will be raised to our Senior tech team for further investigation and updates will be given as soon as it becomes available.