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Free NBN upgrade offer

Level 2
I received an email 1/3/24 advising price increase & offering free upgrade to nbn100 for 12mnths. I opted in as per the email link the next day. We have had 2 billing cycles & it is now the last day of May(upgrade period was mid April to end of May) - still no upgrade. Spoke to customer service last week who couldn’t give me any information & said “be patient”.
If you are not going to deliver what was promised maybe it is time to change providers.
Level 2

I must say I also received the same offer, we opted in within a few days of the email and despite being past the suggested date. It is 01/06/24 and our speed remains the same.

I have waited "patiently" and there has been zero communication or update from TPG regarding this matter.

Level 2

is TPG actually going to go through with this offer?
i'm in the same boat, opted-in early on and no communication or difference in speed since.

Community Manager

We’ll make sure this is sorted for all of you in here. Drop me a private message so we can organise everything.


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