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Frequent Dropouts on NBN HFC every Thursday

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I've been working from home quite a lot recently and have noticed the last two Thursdays, a lot of resets/dropouts are occurring. I've started recording statistics to that end and wanted to know what activities are causing this? There were 10 interruiptions today and 10 again last thursday. I can proivide times if this helps anyone idenitfy the cause.


This is interrupting phone calls, webex session I host, all internet. It is usually quick, but takes a few minutes to restore and I have to start all sessions again that were cancelled becauise internet disruptions.


My internal network and the modem supplied by TPG still operates, the logs tell me LCP Down on these events.


Is there a known issue or disruptive change activity reserved for Thursdays to add new users?


Looking for a resolution.






Hi @arrikhan,

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I checked the account and was not able to detect any issues on the network as of the moment.

There's no known issue that the connection or service will drop every Thursday or any day. Is there any changes of activity that you are doing every Thursday compared to any other day?

Have you noticed any changes on the lights in your NBN Box and TPG modem?

We need more information as this is a rare case which is evident on a specific day.