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Frequent Dropouts on NBN HFC

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I live in Qld. I switched from ADSL to NBN in October. Since then, I've been experiencing frequent dropouts. Dropouts happen range from a few minutes to an hour or two. Happens any time of the day/night (not just peak hours).

Even though my PC is connected through WiFi, I doubt the issue is due to WiFi, because the lights on the NBN black box goes out when the dropouts occur. Other than that, the VoIP light from the Huawei modem turns OFF when it happens.

My observation of the lights off sequence from the NBN box/Huawei modem is like this:

1. VoIP from Huawei modem turns off.

2. Four lights from NBN box turns off.

3. Lights slow come back on from NBN box: sequence is Power, DL/UL, online.

4. VoIP from Huawei model comes back on.

Every time the dropouts occur, I have to wait for 5-10mins for that sequence to complete.

I managed to find a log from the modem, showing frequent connect/disconnects with error message: ERROR_ISP_DISCONNECT or ERROR_ISP_TIME_OUT. (see attachment)

I called TPG tech support today and went through some troubleshooting, but still same result. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?


Hi @davchen,


I checked the account and learned that the case was already escalated to our Engineering team. A technician visit was booked for 08/Nov/2017 between 8AM - 12PM, to help us with the investigation to identify the cause of the problem. Updates will be given by your assigned engineer.



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Hi @BasilDV,


TPG engineer visited today and apparently the NTD keeps on power cycling. We're now waiting for a NBN engineer to contact us. Hopefully they will replace the NTD and fix the issue. I shall update this post later. Thanks!


Hi @davchen,


Thank you for the update. I checked the account and our Engineers are still waiting for the response from NBN Co. Updates will be given by your assigned engineer once there was a schedule for an NBN technician to fix the issue on your NTD Box (Network Terminating Device). Cheers!

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A NBN technician has visited today and found out that there are some old wiring out of the house which is causing the problem. He has replaced those worn out sections and it's now working fine.

Thanks so much for the help!

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I have been in contact with TPG over the past couple of weeks trying to solve why my internet is dropping out every hour with no reasonable explanation as to why this is happening. I finally find this post online with someone describing my exact same problem with the VoIP light disconnecting when my nbn internet disconnects. His case seemed to be solved when someone had come over to replace old wiring and with everything Tpg had told with no succes of stopping these dropouts I’m left to assume this is the only explanation left. Please help fix this situation as it has become unbearable for too long.

Hi @Hamish,


I've checked your account and learned that the case is already being handled by our Engineering team. I'll chase this up with them and have someone to contact you within the day to provide an update from NBN Co.


If you have any preferred time to receive a call, please let us know via PM.


Kind regards,


Hi @Hamish,


I understand that you were able to speak with our Engineering team and an NBN technician was requested to check your service. Further updates will be given by them.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,


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Hi, I'm getting the same thing, constant dropouts with no pattern. Sometimes it requires one or several full modem power cycles, other times it will go away within a minute.


It is difficult to contact a TPG rep because the problem goes away so quickly, and the provided modem doesn't give up-to-date information on the dropouts as they occur.


The NBN NTD power cycles sometimes - single blue light blinks - but other times there is no indication that it is the NTD, as all 4 green lights are indicating all connections are active.



Would be good to find out what is happening.


Hi @chode0007,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Thank you for bringing this matter to us and we are sorry as well for the inconvenience regarding the drop outs on your connection. I was able to locate your account using your Community details and currently not seeing any line issue as of this time. We'd like to evaluate more of your line since this has been a recurring issue on your end. I'd like to arrange a call back assistance from our Technicial Team, can you please send a private message together with your preferred time and number of contact and we'll be in touch, thanks.