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Frequent FTTB dropouts in Richmond, Victoria over last week or more

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Hi there,


After multiple years of no issues with TPG's FTTB, our apartment has had regular, almost daily outages over the last couple of weeks, starting around mid March 2021.

We use the supplied Huawei HG 659 modem.

When connected, speeds are fine with 90/40 speeds most the time.

It will drop and we lose internet. 
When the connection comes up again, Ethernet connected devices work but wifi tends to still have connection issues.

I usually restart themodem and the attached RJ11 cable box (don't know what you call this, is it a filter?)


It appears our sync/connection drops out when I check the modem settings, I can see the uptime. 

Not sure if this is connected to the third party carrier works for NBN, all these are happening in other areas not ours.


Any help/advice appreciated.

Level 2

Update: As we couldn't call on the weekend, I contacted tech support this (Monday) morning - a new modem is being shipped and engineers are monitoring the line, so either way we'll find out what's up.

Could be the modem is on its way out, it's 5 years old!

Will wait to see what happens.


BTW been very happy with TPG - excellent, rock solid and fast for over 5 years. 

These last few weeks have been very unusual.

Overall, I've been extremely satisfied with TPG FTTB, it's great!


Thank you for the update @userID10T


We apologise for the inconvenience that you've experienced.

Let us know if you need further assistance.