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Frequent nbn fttc dropouts

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Level 2
Level 2
The installation was completed a day ago but connection has been very unstable.
I would get "you are offline" constantly just accessing a website.
Wifi signal is strong.
I would get internet again in a few minutes without doing anything.
The cycle repeats.
I tried restarting the NCD and router but that didn't seem to make a difference.

Hi @Mat,


Thanks for raising this with us.


We were able to run some test and was not able to detect any fault within the NBN network.


The modem also shows a stable connection for almost a day now. Do you experience the dropouts on a specific time or it is random?


Did you notice any changes with the lights on your modem?



Level 2
Level 2
Hi @BasilDV,
Thank you for the test and response.
Based on your response, I did some more troubleshooting.
It seemed like an old wireless router that I had running was interfering with the connection. I have removed that and it seems to be good now.
Thanks again for your helpful response.


Thanks for the update @Mat.


We are glad that you were able to resolve this issue.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Have a great day!