G.Fast Queries

Level 2



I have 2 questions I am hoping I could get some clarification on,


1.  I am currently with Capti, I chose their 1000/50 G.Fast option (they use TPG), I could only get 320Mbit down on it and 30 Mbit up max from all the testing I did, so I dropped it down to 250/40 and im usually only hitting 170/180 down and 20 up.  Also to note, there are only 2 of us in our whole apartment building on G.Fast as far as I am aware


If I were to go with TPG, the actual owner of the infrastructure, would i see any performance gain over using a 3rd party tapping in to the service?


2. I am wanting to swap to TPG but IP addressing to me is important, I called and the sales staff answered my queries but I wasnt too confident in the response, 


I understand static IP is not available for residential plans, but with the Dynamic IP addressing, is this a real world Public IP on G.Fast, so every time the router reboots we will get another IP and can use a dynamic DNS solution to be able to use port forwarding to get back to things in my home, or is this service via CGNAT?