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VPN setup on VX220-G2V

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I use a VPN on several devices around my house. Unfortunately, when one device is on the VPN, it can not connect with the next device that is NOT on the VPN. Some of my devices are Linux, others are Android, so I can download and install the VPN bundle. My TV though uses a Samsung variant of Linux that does not support the VPN bundle.

The solution would be to establish the VPN at the Access Point level. I have found some doco that says to setup it up at Advanced>Network>VPN. The problem thoughis that your version of the firmware excludes this option.

On previous threads, your suggested work around is to install the VPN at the device level. My problem is that I can with some devices, but not others, effectively leaving me with 2 networks that dont talk to each other. 

Are you considering allowing VPN on the router soon??. With some devices on the VPN and other NOT, I dont have a workaround. 

Thanks in advance


Hi @gringram2a . TP-Link's blurb on VX220 says it has VPN server. My VR1600 came with VPN server. But TPG's "security team" kicked up a stink about VPN not being secure, without saying why. On next version of firmware on VR1600, VPN was removed or inaccessible. So, probably same for your VX220. So, don't expect to see it in the future.

If you don't use the VOIP phone service, you can look at other routers for a solution. Many models have a VPN server function which lets you connect to your home network from the internet, which isn't what you want.

Only one with a VPN client function I've seen is Asus TUF AX4200. They call it VPN Fusion. There might be other Asus models with this. Or even other brands with VPN client. You'd have to research. 

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Unfortunately, I do use VOIP, so Im pretty much tied to TPG using their modem. Also unfortunately, they have loaded up the firmware (as with all their other models) with a block on VPN ports. Its such small minded thinking and, at the end of the day, it would be my problem, not theirs!!

They say the work around is to put the VPN on individual devices. Like most houses, I have a mix of apple, androiod, windows, linux and Tizen (Samsung TV operating system). Therefore not all of my devices can have the VPN installed as most apps are written for iphone and ported to android, or written for Mac and Ported to Windows. I have a couple of O/Ss that apps arenet written for. I have some on and some off the VPN. Those on, talk to each other. Those not on also talk to each other. BUT those on will not talk to those not on. So much for TPGs solution

I would just like to use the router as intended by the manufacturer and not have TPGs interference



@gringram2a . The TPG routers ever only had a VPN server which allowed you to connect in from the internet. You need VPN client function.

Considering the Asus router, it might be possible to set it up with your VPN provider details, connect all your devices to it, then connect Asus to the VX220. The Asus does DHCP for your devices while also getting its own address from VX220. All addresses can be same subnet but must be unique.

Double NATting might occur but might not be a problem. Or, try disabling NAT on Asus. All DNS requests from your devices would be sent to the DNS of your VPN provider.

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You are right. I could run a router off a router... or TPG could let a router do what a router should do!!

I will consider my options