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Hi there.

We are an elderly couple signed up to the  NBN FTTC SL Bundle Fast. Our wifi is very slow. My son just did an OOKLA test  and the speed was a measly 18.75Mbps .The NBN Box/modem sits on a counter in our kitchen.  Our son wants to install a google mesh nest wifi to hopefully improve the speed. Is there a how to guide for this please? 

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Hi @mimijun1946 . I think your plan is 50/20. Your upload speed is about as good as it gets. Something is stopping your download speed from getting a proper value. This needs to be fixed first.

Have you always had this slow download speed or has it just started?

How far from the router is your wifi device doing the speed test? Is it using the 2.4G or 5G network?

What model wifi router do you have?

Do you use the VOIP phone service? Whether you do or don't affects how you might want to connect the Google.