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Unable to map tpg email into gmail


Hi @rowanseccombe,


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Did you receive any error message?

Are you setting up your TPG email on a computer or mobile phone?


Try the settings below:














Check our TPG support on this link.



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Thanks BasilDV -

Mapping in gmail asks for “Other (IMAP)” .. but I’ve been confirmed the details need to be POP. Gmail offers this option only.

See the 2 screenshots = am I correct with inputs? Grr

Note: I can’t upload from my iPhone because .jpeg attachments not allowed = need to be .jpg

So I put:
Username: tpg username
Password: tpg password
IMAP Server:
Port: 143
Security Type: STARTTLS (other option is SSL/TLS)

After I hit ok it says “Something went wrong. Please check your settings and try again”.

Hi @rowanseccombe,


Thank you for the update.


Your TPG email is a POP3 account. Try to use the port number 110. Once you've entered all the information and still not working on your Gmail app on your iPhone. You can contact Google support for more information on what is the missing piece to finish the set up.


You also have a choice on setting it up on your iPhone itself. Please check this link for information.