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Going wireless free

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I have a Wireless Broadband account with TPG & would like to get wireless free within our home by running CAT5 cables to the locations of at least 2 PC's. I see it's not possible to connect directly to another port on the wall mounted NBN connection box & it seems the only way to do it is through the wireless modem. 

Can you advise the best option here please? Thanks. 


Hi @Carpentermatt ,


You can connect your desktops via Wi-Fi too however you may need to get a wireless dongle to do that. We suggest to check on google the best wireless dongle that you can use for the desktop.




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Hi Shane, thanks for replying however I think you missed the key point of my Q which is to get wireless FREE, CAT5 connection only. 

I have wireless now so no problem there, I think I need a CAT5 splitter to have the option of running wireless or just CAT5 only with no woreless active.


Oh no! Haha. Apologies, @Carpentermatt 


Well, CAT5 connections are great, but it is best if the devices are connected near the modem to get a direct connection.


But since the desktops are far from the modem, You can use a router extension and place it in the same room where the desktop is; you just need a long Ethernet cable that will connect that router extension to the main modem.


From there, you can connect the desktop or laptop using a CAT5 connection.


Note: Make sure that the router support CAT5 Lan speed. 

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Hi @Carpentermatt . If you are going to run cables, they should be CAT5e at least.

If the 2 PCs are close to each other, you can run CAT6 cable from router to a small gigabit switch.

What is the model number of the wifi router?

Is wifi coverage for other devices ok?