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Google Nest Wifi on NBN FTTP

Level 2

Current setup - NBN FTTP connection box at garage connected to TP-Link AC1200.

Trying to setup Google Nest Wifi router with 2 points - can someone please guide me.

Option 1:

Tried connecting Google Nest Wifi router to a LAN port on TP-Link AC1200. Now I have 3 WiFi networks.

a) Existing from TP-Link - 2.4GHz, b) Existing from TP-Link - 5GHz and c) New Google one.

Is this the correct setup? There is no significant improvement if i connect to the old ones or the new network.

Option 2:

Connect Google Nest Wifi router directly to UNI-D on NBN FTTP connection box (haven't tried yet.)

This will make the TP-Link AC1200 useless and no way to have a direct LAN connection, which is sometimes needed to TV, etc.


Please advice on the correct and best solution.

Level 15

Hi @sinhakaushiknbn . 

Option 2. See if you can run a Cat6 ethernet cable from the NBN box in the garage to the Google router somewhere inside the house, probably in the loungeroom for the tv. That helps with wifi coverage. The router has 1 LAN port. You could buy a small switch (5 or 8 ports) to connect to the router for the tv and computers. Or, the unused Archer could be connected LAN to LAN, giving 3 ethernet ports. The Archer wifi can be disabled.