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Guest Account Bandwidth Control - SOLVED

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Hi Guys, First time on this community here. I have a simple question - Why am I not able to set the downstream bandwidth control for the guest wifi? It won't let me even type in the downstream limit boxes! Please have a look at the photo I'm attaching. My router is The Archer VR1600v. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Smiley Happy 




Hi 4790845


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We're very glad to know that the issue has now been solved. Normally, for these type of cases that involves the advanced settings of the modem, we normally refer our customers to the manufacturer as we only support the basic set up. 


We would appreciate if you could share or provide us with tips on how it got resolved. I'm pretty sure other Community users would be glad, too! Smiley Happy


Please don't hesitate to contact us again should you require any assistance. 







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If you are going to use Guest Bandwidth, then you should make sure that your Master Bandwidth Control is set and saved first. I have NBN50 so I set my Master Bandwidth to 19800 up and 48000 downBandwidthMaster.JPG


Then you can set and save your Guest BandwidthBandwidthGuest.JPG



I hope that helps.

Regards, Leigh.

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I'm having the same issue  


Hi Fiery, 


Do you mean you are still experiencing the issue despite following the steps mentioned above?


We will wait for your response.


Thank you.